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From Luxury Cars to Heavy Trucks: The Versatility of 24-Hour Towing Services

It can be unnerving if your SUV develops a mechanical snag while on a long drive with your family. However, even when you remain stranded on a highway, all you can do is call a 24/7 towing service to have your vehicle towed to the nearest service station. Experts with a firm offering cheap towing near Allenhurst, GA, mention that luxury vehicle customers often fear that towing can damage their cars. Still, specialized equipment to tow SUVs and luxury vehicles ensures that the cars are shifted to the service centers with the utmost care. There will be no scratches or damages to your car due to the towing, and once the mechanical failure is repaired, you can continue your long drive. Some of the services and the benefits of towing services are as follows.

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Benefits of 24-hour towing service

The primary benefit of a 24-hour towing service is that they are available anytime. If your vehicle gets damaged or develops a mechanical failure in Georgia, you must call 24/7 cheap towing near Fort Stewart, GA. You must check the availability of 24-hour towing services in the area where you are stranded and contact the suitable service centers. When you connect with one such center, you can expect the following services –

  • The first thing that the company will do is provide you with prompt services, whether it is day or night.
  • The expert will ask for details such as the location to understand where you are stranded and whether your car needs to be towed or has a battery failure.
  • If it is a mechanical snag and there is no chance of jump-starting your car, the experts will use specialized towing vehicles such as a wheel-lift tow truck or a boom truck to take the vehicle to the nearest service station.
  • If you are new to the area, you will not know the location of the nearest service station. Here, you need the help of a towing service to ensure that you can reach a service station to get your vehicle repaired.
  • Another benefit of a 24-hour towing service is that they have experts on their payroll who know precisely which equipment to use while towing the vehicle. This means depending on the type of vehicle that you are driving, the towing truck you need will also differ. The towing truck will vary if you are driving a luxury car, an SUV, a limousine, or even a motorcycle. Similarly, you will require more than a simple hook-and-chain tow truck if you need heavy-duty towing service. Thus, when you hire a 24-hour towing service, such as cheap towing near Hinesville, GA, you can expect comprehensive service designed per your requirements.

When you get stranded on a road or are caught in an accident, the first thing you should do is not panic. Understandably, if you have family in your car and it is the middle of the night, you are bound to panic. But it is important not to worry because, with a 24-hour towing service, you can ensure that your car will get repaired, and you do not have to worry about your family’s safety. Once the vehicle is towed to the nearest service station, you will find that repairing your vehicle is completed quickly, and you can continue your journey.

What are the vehicles that are towed by 24-hour towing services?

When you opt for cheap towing near Odum, GA, you will find that they offer various towing services under their 24-hour towing services. This means that even if a heavy-duty delivery vehicle gets stranded on a highway, it will also be towed by a 24-hour towing service provider. Consider a scenario where a commercial or mail delivery truck develops a mechanical snag on a road. If the road is an important thoroughfare, it can result in a significant traffic snarl and cause much frustration to the common public. Here, immediate response and quick towing services become essential.

However, the challenge you must manage is that it requires heavy-duty towing as the stranded vehicle is a mail truck weighing at least 10,000 lbs. You will need a tow truck with boom lifts that can handle loads from 26,000 to 33,000 lbs. This will make it easier for the car to move the delivery truck to a service station or from one point to another. Such a service can only be provided by a 24-hour towing company. Some other vehicles are towed by cheap towing near Glennville, GA.

  • Luxury car towing – Getting a luxury car towed can be downright frightening! Understandably, you have a sense of pride in owning the vehicle and do not want it to get damaged while it gets towed. You will find specialized equipment and trucks are necessary to tow luxury vehicles. In most cases, luxury cars are towed in flatbed trucks. However, you can get these trucks if you have booked the towing service sometime in advance. You might not get a flatbed truck if you need roadside assistance or an emergency service. However, you will get a wheel-and-lift tow truck, not a hook tow truck. A wheel and lift tow truck do not have chains and hooks that tend to damage and scratch the vehicles, which is usually a concern for luxury vehicle owners. You will also find that experts with the trucks have the necessary understanding of adjusting the cars so that these can be lifted easily onto the tow trucks. This makes the process perfect for towing luxury vehicles.
  • Light and medium-duty towing – Light and medium towing are essential to maneuver a vehicle in a tight space. Moreover, it is used for cars that weigh around 5000 lbs. In the case of medium-duty towing, you will find that the tow trucks can tow vehicles weighing up to 7000 to 8000 lbs. In a medium or a light-duty tow truck, you will have a hydraulic arm extending from the back. This arm acts like a crane and is connected to the malfunctioning vehicle. When you contact cheap towing near Pembroke, GA, they will ask you about the type of vehicle you are driving, and based on that, they will suggest whether you need light or medium-duty towing. You will find that in some trucks, the hydraulic arm is fixed; in others, this can move through a one-hundred-and-eighty-degree angle on a pivot. This makes it easier to attach the hydraulic arm to the vehicle and tow it.

As mentioned earlier, towing companies also offer clients heavy-duty towing services. The only difference is that if you opt for a boom truck, the hydraulic arm can lift over 10,000 lbs. The other type of heavy-duty towing service that you can opt for is flatbed towing, where the vehicles are lifted onto the truck and carried to another location. Thus, depending on the type and weight of the vehicle, the company will provide you with a suitable towing solution.

What are the different types of specialized equipment used in 24-hour towing?

When you hire a towing service, you will find that the experts come with specialized equipment to ensure your vehicle is secured firmly to the tow truck. This is essential to ensure that the car is not damaged while getting towed. Another factor you must remember is that different vehicles require different types of towing. Just as the weight and the type of vehicle will decide the kind of tow truck you need, so will the equipment differ. Here are some of the standard specialized equipment that are used to tow vehicles –

  • Electric tow winch – This is an essential yet specialized piece of equipment used in towing vehicles. The unique feature of this winch is that the power of the winch will depend on the size of the car. You will find that the electric tow winch used to move heavier vehicles has a higher power than the ones available with light or medium-duty tow trucks. The tow winch is essential to connect the cable to the car and move the vehicle from the static condition. Say, for instance, a car has fallen into a ditch, then the tow winch is used to connect the cable to the vehicle, and then, with the help of the winch, you can pull the car out of the ditch. Hence, it is powerful equipment that is used in 24-hour towing.
  • Winches and cables – In 24-hour towing, connecting cables to cars or commercial heavy-duty vehicles and then to the hydraulic arm becomes essential. If you join the car to the tow truck’s flatbed, you will need cables to secure the tow truck firmly. The lines are necessary to prevent the vehicle from falling off the flatbed. The thickness of the cable will depend on the load or the vehicle’s weight. When you opt for heavy-duty towing, you will find that the cable supplied with the 24-hour towing is thicker and capable of handling higher weights. The thickness of the cable is also known as the working load limit or WLL, and it is tested for several weights before being used for towing.
  • Shackles – You will find that this specialized towing equipment is used by cheap towing near Reidsville, GA. Without the shackles, you cannot securely connect the vehicle to the towing truck. You will find that the shackles are used to recover the vehicles and lift them to the boom trucks. As a car owner, you might feel concerned that the shackles are essential to tow your vehicle, but with these, your car will remain secure to the tow truck.

Thus, several specialized equipment connects the vehicles to the tow trucks. For instance, you will find sometimes tow trucks have recovery straps, slings, and net baskets to secure the cars. These are used primarily to haul the vehicles for short distances or to pull the car out from a precarious position. Then, the vehicle is secured firmly to the truck and towed to a service station. Similarly, tow trucks also carry equipment, such as snatch blocks and tow hooks, that provide added security to the vehicle. Depending upon the requirement, the experts will change the hooks and the towing equipment to ensure the car is secured and can be towed easily to the service station.

Protecting your vehicle during a tow

It is paramount to protect your vehicle when it is being towed. You will find that experts use the best equipment and ensure that the tow truck used to haul the vehicle is suited for the purpose. Simple things like placing the car in neutral and rolling the windows can ensure the car is not damaged while towing. According to experts, when your vehicle is being towed, it is also essential to ensure that you release the emergency brake. The towing company will do the following to ensure the safety of your vehicle –

  • In the case of luxury vehicles, most tow companies prefer to use wheel and lift tow trucks as these do not use chains and hooks that can damage your cars.
  • The company will also ensure that all the straps and hooks are secure so the vehicle remains firmly connected to the tow truck during the entire towing process.
  • The experts who arrive with the tow truck take precautions to ensure all the equipment is accounted for because heavy-duty equipment can often damage the vehicles. Once your car is secured to the tow truck, the personnel will pack the gear and tow the vehicle.

Thus, a towing company will take all the necessary precautions to ensure the vehicle is not damaged during the towing process.

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